The History and Mission of the Americas Computer Chess Association

Much of the world's computer chess has its foundations in North America. However, in the late 1990s through 2006, computer chess in the Americas has been organizationless and eventless. While at the same time the rest of the world has flourished in tournaments and national championships: Italian Championship, French Nationals, Australian Nationals (includes New Zealand and Indonesia), Dutch Championships and so on.

The Americas Computer Chess Association was founded to remedy this issue. We plan to promote computer chess in the Americas by stimulating advancement and participation through increased activity and cooperation. This may be achieved by providing tournaments, meetings and other resources/events for chess program authors and aficianados in the Americas.

The ACCA is meant to stimulate interest, activity and cooperation in the Americas. It is not meant to compete with or deplete the membership in other international organizations. In fact, the ACCA's activities should bolster interest in the other international organizations as well.