The Americas Computer Chess League

The Americas Computer Chess League is the flagship event of the Americas Computer Chess Association. It is comprised of several annually run regional tournaments as well as a few global events. The ACCL is for authors/operators of programs that are residents/citizens of the Americas: Greenland, Canada, United States, Central America, South America and Antartica.

If you are interested in participating in the League, sign up on our Join page. If you have not authored a computer chess program and would like to, check out our Computer Chess Start up page.

All entrants should review our ACCL Tournament Rules page.

    Americas Computer Chess League Tournaments:
  1. The ACCA Annual President's Tournament
  2. The Americas vs Rest of the World Team Match
  3. Canadian Regional (includes Greenland)
  4. U.S. NorthEastern Regional
  5. U.S. SouthEastern Regional
  6. U.S. Western Regional
  7. Central & South American Regional (includes Antartica)
  8. U.S Championships
  9. The Americas Closed Championship