The 2006 First Annual ACCA Presidents Tournament

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Current date will be the weekend of August 12th & 13th 2006. It will utilize long time controls. The tournament will happen over the internet (ICC) but we encourage those that live close to gather at one place to improve the experience and share ideas !!

Site ICC (
Suggested interfaceTim Mann's Winboard or Allesandro Scotti's Winboard_X
Rounds6 Rounds (5 rounds if less than 25 entrants)
Note: Below Round Times may be slightly adjusted
Round Times (EST)
Saturday August 1211 am1 pm3 pm
Sunday August 1311 am1 pm3 pm
Time ControlLong: G/50+1
Tie BreaksBeing Considered
Hardware Open
Accounts ICC is providing temporary free accounts for participants allowing access before the tournament
TD Provided by ICC


  1. Standard rules of chess apply: Three fold repetition, 50 move rule .....
  2. Only the author of the program or an approved operator may enter.
  3. All programs must be authored by a citizen or current resident(non-citizen) of the Americas.
  4. Given the President's tournament is to be a fun tournament, the President is allowed some invited guests (humans and programs).
  5. Programs must be logged in 5 minutes before each rounds start time.
  6. Programs must run in an automated fashion. You can start them but they must run by themselves and make all decisions themselves (including resign/draw).
  7. Programs must kibitz their PV and (if possible) a message that the move is a book move. If possible, kibitz only on your turn not during pondering. You may kibitz a few plies before the final ply, but keep it to a minimum as too many will block all that chatter amongst the participants which most of us want to participate in.
  8. Participants are allowed 2 disconnects due to accidents. On the third disconnect the match is forfeit. A 5 minute allowance is granted for each disconnect. The third disconnect must be reported to the TD and the TD will make the ruling.
  9. Programs must be able to resume a match after a disconnect. This is part of the Winboard protocol so it should be already handled.
  10. Initial seedings will be based on ICC (standard time), RWBC and WBEC ratings.
  11. In the event of a odd number of entrants, an alternate program may be entered to avoid byes.
  12. In the event of a dispute, the TD decision is final and the spirit of this tournament will be considered in all disputes.
  13. Each program must be the work of the author. Entrants may not copy the work of others.
    • (A) The exception to this is any work that uses the alpha version of Prophet as its base, but it may not use other code from other sources.
    • (B) Clone accusations will be handled privately so as not to unduly harm reputations.
    • (C) The entrant accused of cloning is considered innocent until proven guilty.
    • (D) The reuse of concepts/ideas is allowed. The reuse of code/parameters/frameworks is not allowed.
    • (E) If an entrant is accused of cloning, the accusation and data will be reviewed first.
    • (F) The entrant accused of cloning may be required to submit compilable source code and the executable being run in the tournament for review.
    • (G) The accused entrant will be able to defend his/her work.
    • (H) If the accused entrant is found to be a clone, it will be dropped from this tournament.
    • (I) The TDs and a knowledgable review committee will be created to review the case.
  14. If an entrant makes several unsubtantiated claims of others being clones, that entrant will be dropped from this tournament.

Technical Rules/Specifications

allow kibitz varibale must be 1: set allowkib 1
noescape variable must be 0 (disconnect/reconnects are allowed but limited): set noescape 0
Use a special formula for the tournament: set formula computer & unrated & time=50 & inc=1
Join computer discussion channel on ICC:+ch 64
Recommendation: Have a backup computer ready in case of crash.

Thanks and Credits

Thanks go to the ICGA and the sponsors of the CCT's. I reviewed their rules as guidelines for our rules.
Special thanks to ICC for supporting this tournament!